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maybe i should send you a bill for all my time you wasted 

Done! I’ll make it a point to copy-paste my article here so that I have one copy of my own and my followers here can also read. :)

working on an article- Life of a divorced woman and a widow in the country

Andy can tell me stuffs which he may seem insignificant initially but he wants to share it with someone. He can tell me things without feeling like an idiot.

I too can do the same with him. But I’m not going to admit it.

I asked Andy to meet me at 9:30 but he made me wait for 47 minutes. I abhor waiting. I never wait for anyone. But I did wait for him. I wanted to get it over with. We met, spoke. I tried to make him see my point. But he seems to be so blinded by his feelings for me that all he kept repeating was that he never asked or coaxed me to date him. All he wants us to be normal. The way we were. In short, he wants all the touchy-feely, emotional bonding, support. That means it’s like dating and being in a relationship which is nameless and is heading nowhere.

I said no. But he thinks his charm will make me change my mind. Or maybe his touch will. I’ll try to be a friend to him; like I always wanted it to be. But it’s hard now; more than ever.

Woke up with a headache today morning. I think its the tension of what Andy wants to talk with me.